Manufacturing & Process Sector

The manufacturing sector is in a mode of early transformation. We look forward to growth and innovation, cost structures and supply chain efficiency at the top of the agenda, but steps to implement ‘next generation’ strategies remain modest. We strongly believe in providing with the next generation strategic advice.

The pace of innovation will continue to accelerate as new disruptive forces and innovators revolutionize product development, manufacturing processes, automation and business models. With the Government of India having an ambitious plan to locally manufacture as many products which could help infrastructure sectors such as power, oil and gas, and automobile manufacturing that require large capital expenditure and revive Indian capital goods business. India is also an attractive hub for foreign investments in the manufacturing sector.

We at Birla Financial intent to offer new products, business models that helps to drive manufacturers to develop more agile, transparent and demand-driven supply chains and integrated business planning models.

Manufacturers are making bigger bets on R&D initiatives, attracting talent and creating broader, more inclusive innovation models and collaborating with tech-savvy partners to capitalize on new opportunities. Manufacturers strive to continue invest in technology and talent to win the innovation battle.

We at Birla Financial intend to offer services to our clients to emerge winners, as the sector moves towards large-scale transformation to improve the sales growth opportunities, such as aftermarket sales, improved customer-facing technology and channel expansion.