Realty & Infrastructure Sector

The country rang in a decisive mandate for change. It is now up to the new political dispensation to deliver on its agenda and accelerate the process of renewed growth.

Despite the continuing slowdown, the macro environment has shown early signs of recovery, and with the dawn of a stable government, promises to improve gradually. We have identified specific opportunities for growth within India and internationally, which we will be targeting effectively; to assist with our specialized services.

  1. Realty

    The government on its part has taken significant steps in this sector and is finalizing landmark reforms. Land acquisition law, retail reforms and a streamlined approval mechanism is in the offing. Realty Regulator and RIETS will give rise to increased investment in this sector both from domestic and international investors. Demographically statistics suggests that India is a leading destination for realty business globally. The strong growth, coupled with housing shortage adds to the potential. It is estimated India will be USD 700bn market in realty. We intend to fill in the gap of significant technical and financial support which will be required to fuel this growth. Specialist support is required in various real estate sectors.

  2. Infrastructure

  • Roads

    More than 2,300 km of new projects on Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) mode, and 3,000 km in PPP mode are in the offing in India. Apart from this, there are several upcoming opportunities in building Expressways and Elevated Corridors. We are also focussing on upcoming road projects in the Gulf countries, Eastern Europe and Africa.

  • Railways Business, Metro & Mono Rails

    The thrust on strengthening the rail network across the country holds good prospects. Formation of consortiums for major section of the Dedicated Freight Corridor is amongst the areas we intend adding value. We are also looking at international markets, especially the Gulf countries, Eastern Europe and Africa where several projects are coming up.

  • Water & Renewable Energy

    The sector has seen a strong growth in investments over the last two years, with growing focus from the Government sector in improving access to water and preventing pollution of its sources.

  • Urban Infrastructure

    Opportunities in residential buildings, office space, hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, shopping complexes and factories continue to provide a large canvas of business potential. Projects in Mass and Affordable Housing, Healthcare and Educational Institutions hold additional promise.

  • Airports

    Increasing passenger and cargo traffic over the last decade has sustained growth in aviation industry. The Government plans to modernise a number of Tier II City airports and build a few Greenfield airports as well. Similarly, a number of nations in the Asian region are modernising and expanding their airport infrastructure. We are well-positioned for assisting with airport projects within and outside India.