Financial Innovative Products

Advances over time in the financial instruments and payment systems used in the lending and borrowing of funds. These changes, which include innovations in technology, risk transfer and credit and equity generation, have increased available credit for borrowers and given banks new and less costly ways to raise equity capital.

As seen with the global credit crunch, which was triggered at least in part by innovative financial products such as exotic ARMs, there will always be a need for careful scrutiny of innovative financial products and their risks.

Treasury Management & Investment Management

Once an offshoot of the accounting department, corporate treasury management has evolved into its own company department and professional body.

Treasurer’s management seek to protect a company's value from the financial risks it faces from its business activities. Because these risks can arise from many sources, the role requires an understanding of many areas of business and the ability to communicate with a variety of financial professionals.

Investment management can take many forms. It can be done either by the consumer or a professional and can be passive, active, aggressive or conservative. It can refer to sophisticated & specialised alternative investments.

We at Birla Financial strives to create better and more innovative solutions for our clients. We at Birla Financial offer faster turnaround times on remittances along with Access to a team of highly skilled advisory team who adopt a holistic approach, customised for you Investment management solutions in accordance with your risk appetite.

When it comes to investment, we offer knowledge that gives an invaluable edge. Whether your focus is within the Asian market or offshore, we can help you expand your wealth horizons with confidence. Birla Financials insightful investment solutions can be tailored to your specific requirements for return performance and market behaviors.

We offer wide range of investment options tailored convenience to suit your objectives along with Flexible time zone capability, maximum returns to match your risk profile, integration with your operational cash flow & various automated investment alternatives.

Fund Raising & Investor Relations

Birla Financial offers to raise finance to fund expansion plans means examining a wide range of issues and answering a complex set of questions. Thereby selecting the optimal structure. Our Team can enhance value by devising optimal debt syndication and equity capital programmes for corporates who seek value-enhancing solutions that complement their growth strategies. Debt is a major contributor to the wealth of an investor. The subsidies of debt help a business to survive and grow. In various industries, infusion of debt only creates the rationale to do that business.

At Birla Financial, we advise on the appropriate mode and structure of debt to be raised. We advise for capital Market transactions where the company is looking for the most suitable form of finance from the complex funding options available.

Birla Financial offers Investor Relations Advisory Solutions specializing in investor relations (IR), corporate communications and capital raising support and media relations. We partner with public and private companies to effectively communicate their business and achievements to the global investment community and other critical stakeholders. Our fundamental goal in supporting our clients is to maximize investor relations & corporate.

Islamic Finance

Birla Financial is involved in various aspects of Islamic Finance, through experiences in consulting and banking.

    our services include:
  • Financial advisory service for corporates and financial institutions seeking to secure debt financing or raise equity capital
  • Prepare financing documentation and negotiating term-sheets
  • Prepare feasibility studies, strategic and business planning, financial modeling, and business valuations
  • Advise on all aspects of Islamic debt products (Loans, Sukuk, Project Finance transactions) and Islamic Hedging instruments
  • Structure and market Sharia compliant products
  • Source investment funds into innovative Islamic products

Acquisition Finance

Acquisition financing allows the user to meet their current acquisition aspirations by providing immediate resources that can be applied toward the transaction.

There are several different choices for a company that is looking for acquisition financing. A line of credit or a traditional loan is the most common choices. Favorable rates for acquisition financing can help smaller companies reach economies of scale and is generally viewed as an effective method for increasing the size of the company's operations.

We at Birla Financial works to provide your business with the financing it needs to close an acquisition. Birla Financial brings vast global experience and expertise in leveraged financing to fund acquisitions by Indian companies who plan to grow.

WC & Statutory Advisory

Working capital is one of the most significant investments a business can make. It can also be one of the least efficient. In profitable businesses, this inefficiency is often hidden. But when times are tough, poor working capital management may lead to a company becoming financially stressed or distressed.

Working capital becomes a top priority when a business needs cash to invest in other areas. Common triggers of liquidity issues include: acquisitions, required investments for growth, and temporary downturns in business performance. Working capital optimization frees up cash to invest elsewhere in the business, pay down debt, or return to investors.

Sustainable improvement in working capital performance requires a ‘cash mindset’, which can be a major challenge, especially for organizations that have been focusing on revenue and margin growth. Pursuing a balanced business agenda that covers all three areas - cash, revenue and profitability – requires careful management of trade-offs. To achieve the optimum level of working capital, a company must understand the scope of the effort, identify what steps need to be taken, and then implement those actions in a constructive, collaborative, and coordinated manner.

We at Birla Financial can help identify and release cash tied up in working capital.

Our Advisory solutions are targeted at the holistic growth and sustenance of your business and assist in managing its performance through business cycles. We provide you with integrated solutions for your business across functions that help in unlocking its true potential.